Many hands. Light work.®

It’s all about working together.

Introducing our first product, OnSaleTM

Designed to help buyers FIND your business and see what you have ON SALE.

Until now there have been limited options for small business to advertise and promote themselves at an affordable price, which is why we developed OnSaleTM as the first product from GoTheHand®.

OnSaleTM is an advertising platform + business directory. For less than $1/day, you can promote your business to buyers in your local area and around the world. OnSaleTM then directs all interested buyers to your existing business channels - regardless if online or bricks & mortar based. There's no middle man, no commissions and no catch!

Each business also gets its own business profile - completely FREE.


What's next?

Over the coming years GoTheHand® will grow to include a comprehensive suite of integrated products, services and a member community. From advertising to infrastructure, each new product added to GoTheHand® will address a different challenge faced by a business with less than five staff. The solutions will be intuitive, come at an affordable price, and integrate seamlessly with the other products within the suite.

Each product within GoTheHand® is identified with a different coloured hand. Why a hand? Not only because it gives us the coolest logo ever, each hand represents a small business and the people within it. It’s the people in your business, and the people in our business. It's the symbol for hello, it's shaking hands when people first meet and when agreeing to work together. It also represents our core values of providing a helping hand to small business, plus a small business community where members can help each other.

It’s all about working together - because many hands make light work.

Stay up to date and be the first to know about what's coming up next from GoTheHand®


Always a small business

We all want our own small business to grow. And in order for us to provide help to as many small businesses as possible, GoTheHand® will grow too, but that doesn't mean we will lose touch with what your small business needs. Small business is where we came from, and small business will always remain our passion.

CEO & Proud Small Business Owner


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