Small business is TOUGH and up to 60% of new businesses fail within the first 3 years!

By small business

For small business

Each of GoTheHand's founders have a small business background. We know firsthand the multitude of challenges faced every day by small business owners...


Limited Funds

Most small businesses turnover less than $200,000 and nearly one quarter turnover less than $50,000 - leaving you barely enough money to survive, let alone grow. Until now there were very few options to promote a business for under $1/day.

Work Alone

Worldwide, 60% to 75% of business have no employees, just a business owner. Without co-workers, the small business owner needs to be a jack-of-all-trades and can feel isolated and daunted without others to help during busy periods.

Part Time

Before realising the dream of replacing your day job, new small businesses often take the role of a second job - worked on only at the end of the day and on weekends, while fatigued from having already done a full day's work elsewhere.

From Home

Working from home is flexible and great for achieving the perfect work/family balance for families. However, it comes with added distractions, sometimes from even the most eager of aspiring employees.

Locally & Internationally

Most small businesses need to service local, national and international customers just to survive. This adds the complication of multiple cultures, currencies & time zones to all aspects of the business, especially marketing, sales, customer service & shipping.

Using Multiple Apps

Although there seems to be an app for everything, it's rare for apps to talk to each other. So instead of using one system to run their whole business, most small businesses need to use a different app for every aspect of their business. Efficient & easy to learn? Not!

Without Professional Help

Whether ignorant of requirements, fearful of cost, too embarrassed to ask, or some other reason, few small businesses use professionals to advise their business - even for the basics. Where did your privacy & cookie policy come from? Google?

Startup @ School

While many Gen-Xers started their working life at the local supermarket, technology like self-service checkouts mean that increasingly today's school leavers are starting their own business straight from school - having never worked for an employer. we set about making small business easier, more efficient & cheaper.


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