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Seller Admin  

Seller Admin is where you create and maintain your business’ Profile and Deals.


Accessing Seller Admin  

To access Seller Admin:

  1. Sign-in using your Member Account credentials.
  2. Click the POST A DEAL button in the main menu.

What happens next will depend on how many Seller Accounts you have permission to access:

  • 0 Seller Accounts: If you do not have permission to access any existing Seller Accounts, then you will be guided through creating a New Seller Account.
  • 1 Seller Accounts: If you have permission to access only one Seller Account, then we will take you to the Dashboard page for that Seller.
  • 2+ Seller Accounts: If you have permission to access multiple Seller Accounts, then we will display a list of Sellers for you to choose from, plus the option of creating a new Seller.
The select seller window provides access to multiple seller accounts, and create a new seller account.

Switching Sellers. Creating a New Seller  

Seller Admin allows you to manage one Seller account at a time. The Seller Account you are currently logged into, is displayed in the page footer.
If you would like to manage a different Seller Account, or to create another New Seller Account:

  1. Click the Switch Seller   button in the Main Menu.
  2. Use the Select Seller window (pictured above) to select the Seller you wish to manage OR click Create New Seller

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The Member Summary page contains links to this and all pages relating to your personal settings and preferences.