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To ensure buyers can find your business, simply make sure that your seller profile is visible and contains up to date information - especially if you accept payment by PAYPAL or any of the leading BUY NOW, PAY LATER providers.

Your seller profile is FREE and is shown at all times, even when you don't have any active deals.


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Affordable advertising

When you post a deal, you pay a single upfront fee based on the length of time the deal should be visible to buyers in your home region (state). For an additional fee, you can also display deals in multiple regions/countries, and feature them in premium locations.

Prices include 10% GST for AU sellers. Pricing is tax free for NZ sellers.

Optional: Multiple regions

A small fee is charged for each additional region in which your deal is shown - capped to a maximum to advertise nationally per country.

Nationally in Australia is +$3.00
Nationally in New Zealand is +$2.00.

Optional: Featured locations

Sellers can choose to feature a deal at the top of a single category, and in the carousel at the bottom of the deals and sellers pages.

The carousel shows all featured deals, regardless of the category selected by the buyer.


Auto-renew to save a further 10% to 30%!

Auto-renew your deals 3, 6 or 9 times - to automatically restart a deal that's ended & bump it back to the top of the page. Auto-renewed deals cost 10% to 30% off normal prices.


A fairer system

We left out all the things we know you dislike

No monthly fees

Sellers are charged only when a new deal is posted. There are no monthly fees or lock in contracts. Your business profile is also free, and is displayed even when you have no active deals.

No cost per click

Sellers only pay once per deal. There is no additional cost for each time your deal is shown to potenial buyers (cost per impression). Nor is there an additional cost for each time your ad is clicked.

No commissions

It doesn't matter if your deal sells once or a million times, or if it promotes clothing, a restaurant meal, a car, or a house... you'll always pay the same price to advertise and there is no commission payable.

No coupons

OnSaleTM simply sends all buyers direct to you. We don't perform the transaction and we don't sell coupons that will likely never be redeemed (and therefore you'll never receive payment for).

No crazy discounts

Unlike others, we don't force you to offer huge discounts to buyers. Instead, we simply insist that each deal represents better than normal value to buyer.

No algorithms

You decide which buyers see your deals. OnSaleTM does not use algorithms to artificially manipulate if a deal is displayed, or the sequence they are displayed in.

No obligation

All new sellers receive an obligation free trial, allowing you to try OnSaleTM for yourself without entering a credit card. If you choose to continue after your trial, simply return to normal pricing (above).

No catch

What’s the catch? There isn’t one! OnSaleTM is just a simple, low cost and easy way to promote your business - without having to stop or change what you're already doing.


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