Save time. Save money.

Optimised for business owners

Free 'sale' templates, made in Canva

Take the hassle out of creating your sale artwork by using our free ready-made sale templates. And because they're built in Canva, they are super easy to edit and personlise. Achieve professional results, on your own, in just a few minutes!

Always the perfect sized image

Each image is saved in three sizes so that regardless of the device, or where the image is used, your images are never 'chopped off'. Images are zoomed & positioned individually to keep what's important (like the boat) in view at all times.

Simple slideshows

Each deal contains a slideshow of up to five images and/or slides from your image and slide libraries. Creating a slide is super easy. Simply select the background image and type your text. The result is previewed live.

Reuse everything

Everything is reusable to save you time. Your business profile stores information about your business and all images, slides and deals are saved in libraries for reuse (without re-moderation). You can create a new deal in seconds by copying a previous deal and editing only what has changed.

Grow your business

With unique tools & insights

SaleAlertTM - Never miss a sale

Having a SALE is one of the best ways to increase your turnover, so missing one can be costly. SaleAlert™ emails you a reminder for key upcoming calendar and retail events... and it's FREE!

Max exposure. Min cost

Deal schedule shows all your deals & auto-renews on a single chart to make it quick and easy to see what's active and any gaps in your campaigns - helping you maximise your exposure, for the lowest cost.

Convert to customers

Deal by deal, we actively follow up each interested buyer multiple times over several weeks, encouraging them to ultimately contact you and make a purchase, and to rate your business and leave a review.

Track and optimise your results

In addition to deal status, we also provide analytics for each buyer interaction with your deal(s) and business profile - right down to individual button clicks. All analytics are shown in real-time, using actual results, not estimates.

Better by design

Built from the ground up to be better for buyers & sellers

Only what buyers want

The more OnSaleTM appeals to buyers, the better it is for sellers - so we kept it simple and delivered only what buyers want. Some websites show you everything... we only show what's ON SALE.

Deals + Directory = Win Win

OnSaleTM is like a deal site and directory rolled into one. When you 'feature' a deal, both your deal & profile are highlighted pink. When you post a new deal, or an existing deal auto-renews, both are bumped to the top of their respective pages.

Any call to action

All we do is send customers to you - online, by phone and/or in person. OnSaleTM works for all businesses regardless if online or bricks-and-mortar based, or if you sell direct to the buyer or through a marketplace or social media platform.

For one to 1,000+ stores

Promote as a single store or use OnSale's multi-store functionality to post a brand wide deal that's shown alongside the deals posted by the individual store or franchisee.

If you have over 50 stores, contact us to automate the creation of your user and business profiles.

More flexibility

Powerful features with less fuss

Any sale, including everyday sales

Promote any type of sale that gives better than normal value to the buyer. You can even use an 'everyday sale' to promote the entire 'sale' section of your website - because (surprise surprise) everything in this section is 'on sale'.

Be competitive internationally

Unlike most platforms, by default OnSaleTM shows all deals priced in the buyer's local currency and inclusive of the CORRECT amount of tax. This ensures your deals are not overpriced (and therefore uncompetitive) to international buyers.

Post anytime, for 1-100 days

Deals last 1 to 10 days, can be auto-renewed 0 to 9 times and can start now or scheduled up to 7 months in advance. Combined, you can create a '1 day flash sale' or promote an 'everyday sale' for up to 100 days.

Tell your existing customers

Don't forget to tell your existing customers about your sale. When you post a new deal, share the deal to any of your social media networks with the click of a button - returning all visitors to this specific deal.

Let's get started... or keep reading

OnSaleTM is free for Buyers. Click below to start a free trial for your business. No credit card required.


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