Making small business easier, more efficient & cheaper.

Our business is small businessTM

The GTH Group is a company dedicated to tackling the problems faced by small business. It was founded by a group of small business owners passionate about providing innovative new products & services to help small business grow, and that make managing day to day operations easier, more efficient and cheaper.

We support businesses of all sizes but our focus is on businesses in one or more of the following categories: businesses with less than 5 employees; businesses operating from a small or home office; businesses owned or operated by women; and businesses with a turnover below $500,000 per year.


Under 5 Staff


Small/Home Office




Under $500k


Accepting the challenge

We are working on four fronts to achieve our goal of making small business easier, more efficient & cheaper...


Our passion is small business. We strive to make small business easier, more efficient & cheaper by tackling the key problems faced by small businesses in Australia and around the world.



We're committed to the design and development of multiple innovative products & services, each optimised for use by small business. Our first product, OnSaleTM, is available now.



Despite 90% of businesses having less than 5 employees, very little data is available about this segment. Soon we will commence gathering and sharing data & analytics to help business owners.



And to achieve long term improvement, we will be campaigning on behalf of all small businesses, to drive awareness of the critical role small businesses play in both the economy and community.


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